FAQ's about Tiger Balm

What Product is best for me?

The choice of the product depends on the pain you want to calm down. If the pain is muscular (back, feet, neck pain ...) certainly the best choice is red tiger balm. With its heat effect helps to calm all kinds of discomfort of muscular origin. If they are chronic pains like that produced by some osteoarthritis diseases, this is also your balm. In addition, the red tiger balm not only serves for pain is also indicated for sport warm up, if you are an athlete do not hesitate avoid sports injuries by applying a little of this ointment before playing sports.
If you suffer from headaches, stuffy nose or respiratory problems white tiger balm is your solution. The refreshing sensation produced by the white tiger balm will calm your pain and provide you with an unequaled well-being. Best of all, it is a 100% natural product, so you will not be damaging your body.

Where can I use it ?

The use of tigerbalm is indicated as we already know for the relief of muscle aches, headache, respiratory congestion among other ailments. This means that we can apply it in all areas of our body in which we feel discomfort but always taking into account that due to its components such as menthol and eucalyptus we must be careful and it is not recommended to apply in mucosal areas or areas Where the integrity of the skin is compromised. Contact with eyes, mouth or intimate areas can be very uncomfortable or even painful. Therefore, avoiding those areas previously described tiger balm can be applied in all areas of our body that produces pain.

Can tigerbalm replace medication?

Tiger balm is a natural ointment that is proven effective for the relief of muscle aches. It is described that its proper use can avoid the use of drugs to calm muscle discomfort. It is an option that you can choose if you are tired of using medications, this way you will give your body a break and clean it of artificial substances. You have nothing to lose and if you also work tigerbalm, share it with us, so you will help other people.

When can Tiger Balm not be recommended ?

. Women in the process of breastfeeding.
. Pregnant women.
. People with many drug allergies or allergy to any of its components.
. Caution that the ointment does not fall on mucous membranes or open skin.
. Not recommended for use in children under 12 years and always with caution not to ingest.

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