10x14 cm Tiger Balm Patch

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These patches are ideal for located pains as you can put them very easily in practically any part of your body. It will prolong the effect during at least 3 hours and it will relief the pain.

You can buy other variants of Tiger Balm like ointment (Red Tiger Balm or White Tiger Balm), and apply them just where you would like to. It's just another method you can use and depend on the result you would like to have.

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Tiger Balm Patches Description

Tiger balm patches offer calming back pain and on the other hand, with the natural properties that the balm offers to heal in combination with the hydrogel component it contains.It is designed to fit perfectly to the back. You can continue your activities of daily living without any problems. In addition it is made of a breathable material, making it very comfortable to use. Remove from pain as you continue your life.

  • Fast relief of back pain
  • Comfortable to wear
  • They fit perfectly to your back
  • Available in pack of 2 dressings (10cm x 14cm)